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Our Team

The NJ Emergency Management Association is led by current emergency management professionals representing emergency management organizations throughout New Jersey.  

Our dedicated professionals understand today's challenges and work tirelessly to advance the profession through multi-jurisdictional collaboration, innovative trainings and education, and strategic partnerships with the private sector and non-governmental organizations. 

Mission Statement


To promote the efforts of its members in a common goal and to protect the property and lives of all the residents within the geographical limits of New Jersey; whenever necessary beyond said scope, against any enemy or natural disaster for the preservation of our local and national security. 

Become a Member

The most important first step you can take to show your support and commitment to emergency management in New Jersey is to become a member of the NJ Emergency Management Association.  


You will be joining hundreds of your fellow colleagues in growing the State's premier emergency management organization and gain access to invaluable resources for you and the community you represent.

Contact Us


P.O. Box 77329

West Trenton, NJ 08628

Tel: 609-434-2816

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