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Training and Education


The NJ Emergency Management Association recognizes the importance of advancing the profession through innovative, progressive, and meaningful training and education.  Accordingly, we encourage you participate in the programs below.  Our team has vetted each program to ensure quality and integrity. 


If you have additional opportunities or announcements to share, please contact us.

Emergency Manager 1


The Emergency Manager 1 course is a 138-hour academic program consisting of instructor-led education, with one 3-hour session each week and four 8-hour weekend sessions delivered over the course of four months.  Students also complete asynchronous coursework including homework assignments and quizzes/exams. The course provides entry-level academic and practical training for individuals aspiring to enter the emergency management profession or those who seek to refine their current knowledge and skills.

Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness Training


The Training and Exercise Bureau develops, administers, coordinates, and assesses statewide training relevant to counterterrorism, preparedness, and intelligence gathering, analysis, and sharing. 

NJSP-OEM Field Training Unit


The New Jersey State Police - Office of Emergency Management Field Training Unit provides emergency managent related training to industry professionals throughout New Jersey.


Please visit their website for more information, the annual schedule, and to register.

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